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Why Mslexia?


For women who write...

We are occasionally challenged to justify our existence as a magazine created specifically for women writers.

'A constant source of inspiration and encouragement that's created a real sense of community among women writers' Jane Rogers

We would love to live in a world where a women-only publisher like Mslexia was no longer needed, but the issues that affect women writers are as pertinent today as they were back in 1999 when Mslexia was launched. You can see the original justification for our position in ‘Three cures for mslexia’, editor Debbie Taylor’s lead article in Issue 1 of the magazine.

In her 2017 follow-up article, ‘Mslexia: are we cured yet?’ Debbie updated the facts and statistics that prompted the launch of the magazine, to see if things had improved. Sadly, she discovered that there is still an imbalance in the way women writers are published, reviewed and perceived. Mslexia is a continuing attempt to redress that imbalance.



Award-winning charity


'It has encouraged so many women to start on the path or take further steps along it to becoming professional writers' Mary Hoffman


Mslexia is a not-for-profit organisation supported by Arts Council England. Its mission is to help women express themselves and get their writing noticed: in print, online and in performance. It was granted charitable status in 2019 in recognition of its work to fulfil this mission.

Mslexia won the Pandora Award for its contribution to women's publishing and the Saboteur Award for Best Literary Magazine.



Mslexia was a tangible support to me in the anguished years of writing my first novel and continues to be a source of bristling writerly energy.

Diana Evans

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