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Mslexia Salon Surgeries & Events

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The Mslexia Salon is the home of our online writing workshops and surgeries, Q&As with authors and industry professional, write-ins, Open Days – and our famous Agent Extravaganzas.

Though we occasionally throw open our virtual doors to all-comers (just to give them a taste of what they’re missing!), the majority of our online events are open to Salon Members only. 

Salon Membership costs just £1 a month and is available as an annual add-on to the usual Mslexia subscription. 

Previous guest tutors Lily Dunn, Bec Evans, Linda France, Zoe Gilbert, Jennifer Lee Tsai, Hannah Lowe, Isha Karki, Katherine May, Juliana Mensha, Degna Stone and more. 

Agents and editors proffering advice and feedback include Amy Acre, Louise Boland, Megan Carroll, Rebecca Carter, Thérèse Coen, Joanna Moult, Chloe Seager, Clare Wallace, Laura Williams, and more. 

Head on over to Salon to find out more.

Mslexia Salon

I really appreciate the feedback. I can suddenly see the hole! I'm off to rewrite my opening and ensure the narrator is grounded in the scene first.


Gosh that was such fun. Where did the three hours go? I've learnt such a lot and I'm buzzing with ideas. Thank you Mslexia for organising. 

Jane Lomas

Loving the comps, Q&A and more with Mslexia - some fantastic opportunities.

Emma Finalyson-Palmer