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'Become porous. Potter through museums. Touch flowers.' 'Become porous. Potter through museums. Touch flowers.'
Twenty questions: Leone Ross
'Become porous. Potter through museums. Touch flowers.'
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'I hate the storms, and the waiting too' 'I hate the storms, and the waiting too'
Short story: Pieces of Mars have fallen to Earth
'I hate the storms, and the waiting too'
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'Poetry should be lycra, not a corset' 'Poetry should be lycra, not a corset'
Poetry: What is a prose poem?
'Poetry should be lycra, not a corset'
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Mslexia Magazine

Mslexia: for women who write

Welcome to Mslexia, the only magazine where every reader is a potential contributor too. Almost every part of the magazine is open to submission by any woman writer – and we publish over 70 different names in every issue. So you might find your work appearing alongside work by leading authors such as Marian Keyes, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Monique Roffey and Daisy Johnson – to name just a few of the luminaries in the current edition. 

But Mslexia is not just a magazine. We’re also proud creators of the Indie Press Guide, a unique directory of over 600 independent book publishers and literary magazines, now in its Third Edition. And a growing portfolio of Mslexia Minis writing guides, including the best-selling Poetic Forms and A Novel in Nine Steps. 

Then there are our annual competitions, which have taken the careers of many women writers to the next level. And our online Salon, where members can attend writing surgeries and Q&As led by experts at the top of their profession. Not to mention our wider events programme, including the now-legendary Mslexicon women’s writing weekend and the online bunfight that is our annual Agent Extravaganza.  



There are a lot of pyjamas in the latest edition of the magazine. Costa Award winner Monique Roffey lives in hers and sees them as part of her writing process. Rebecca Hastings is wearing hers too for her daily transcontinental writing sessions. And A K Blakemore does her best work hunched over the kitchen table at two in the morning. They’re all reaching for that elusive state of mind that is both utterly awake and firing on all cylinders, yet has a toe, a hand, a tousled head, in the dream world of the unconscious. 



The next theme for the poems and short stories in our Showcase section is ‘Roots’ – and we share four writing exercises in the current edition of the mag. Climate Writer Linda France is also looking for poems about wild mammals for her Poems for the Planet challenge series. And we’re always on the lookout for monologues in the voice of a wife, mother, sister, aunt of a famous real of fictional personage for our World’s Wife series. There are over 20 ways of submitting your work to Mslexia so there’s bound to be something to suit your kind of writing. 



Our Women’s Fiction Competition launches on 1 June. There are three categories – Novel, Short Story and Flash Fiction – and our winners and finalists go on to great things (check out these success stories for their latest achievements). There are serious cash prizes too, plus mentoring, manuscript feedback, agent introductions… just the ticket to take your career to the next level. Keep checking back for more information on our 2021 competitions.



Open 24/7, this is where you can subscribe to the magazine, join our online Salon, or nab a single copy of the mag to check out how our 20 submission categories look on the page – to make sure you’re aiming in the right direction! Here is also where you can pick up a copy of our unique Indie Press Guide and top off your order with a £3 copy of one of our Mslexia Minis writing guides (or splash out and buy four for a tenner). Hate online shopping? Not to worry. You can talk to a real live (and really nice) human person 9-5, Monday to Friday, by calling 0191 204 8860.