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Why are line breaks so important? Why are line breaks so important?
Breaking a poem
Why are line breaks so important?
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Fab fiction: our 2021 award-winning stories Fab fiction: our 2021 award-winning stories
Mslexia Magazine - Issue 92
Fab fiction: our 2021 award-winning stories
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‘What can I learn in the space this opens up? Where does my curiosity lie? What feels stale and boring?’ ‘What can I learn in the space this opens up? Where does my curiosity lie? What feels stale and boring?’
Wintering for writers
‘What can I learn in the space this opens up? Where does my curiosity lie? What feels stale and boring?’
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How to write celebrity memoirs How to write celebrity memoirs
Getting into ghostwriting
How to write celebrity memoirs
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Mslexia Magazine

Mslexia: for women who write

Welcome to Mslexia, the only magazine where every reader is a potential contributor too. Almost every part of the magazine is open to submission by any woman writer – and we publish over 70 different names in every issue. So you might find your work appearing alongside work by leading authors such as Marian Keyes, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Monique Roffey and Daisy Johnson – to name just a few of the luminaries in the current edition. 

But Mslexia is not just a magazine. We’re also proud creators of the Indie Press Guide, a unique directory of over 600 independent book publishers and literary magazines, now in its Third Edition. And a growing portfolio of Mslexia Minis writing guides, including the best-selling Poetic Forms and A Novel in Nine Steps. 

Then there are our annual competitions, which have taken the careers of many women writers to the next level. And our online Salon, where members can attend writing surgeries and Q&As led by experts at the top of their profession. Not to mention our wider events programme, including the now-legendary Mslexicon women’s writing weekend and the online bunfight that is our annual Agent Extravaganza.  



There is a sense of indomitability in Issue 92 of the magazine, a sense of women picking themselves up, dusting themselves off, and trying again. Matilda Tristram talks about how she turned her cancer journey into a comic memoir – and how you too can sketch the story of your life. Comedy Women in Print award-winner Jesse Sutanto talks about how she learned to silence her inner critic, and Faye Keegan explains how she found a way to keep writing surrounded by packing cases and chaos. We also introduce our 2021 Short Story and Flash Fiction winners, and Debbie Taylor looks at how literary organisations can improve the submissions process.



We're currently accepting submissions of poetry for our regular slots - Poet Laureate, Eyeverse, and our subscriber only slot Poems for the Planet (deadline for Issue 94: 11 April). We're also on the lookout for stories and poems on the themes of 'Eyes' (deadline: 7 March) and 'Keys' (deadline: 6 June). 



Our 2021 competitions have now closed. Read the winners of our short story and flash fiction competitions in issue 92 of Mslexia, or in our inaugural anthology Best Women's Short Fiction 2021. The results of our poetry competition will be announced in March 2022 and our novel competition winner will be announced in June 2022. Our winners and finalists have gone on to great things, (you can check out some of their achievements on our success stories page) and you can read previous winners here. Be sure to check back in June 2022 for information on next competitions.



Open 24/7, this is where you can subscribe to the magazine, join our online Salon, or nab a single copy of the mag to check out how our 20 submission categories look on the page – to make sure you’re aiming in the right direction! Here is also where you can pick up a copy of our unique Indie Press Guide and top off your order with a £3 copy of one of our Mslexia Minis writing guides (or splash out and buy four for a tenner). You can buy from our Shop at any time, day or night, but if you want to discuss a purchase with a real-life (and really nice) human person, please call 0191 204 8860 during our office hours, which are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. You can also email a query to anytime.