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The online meeting place for women who write

Welcome to the Mslexia Salon: the members-only area of our website, where you can attend a workshop with top authors, get feedback from agents and editors, share your work, join a group, meet likeminded writers, browse writing opportunities, and access a wealth of ‘how to’ writerly resources, prompts and workshop material – all for just £18 a year. Salon membership is available only to subscribers of Mslexia magazine.

Upcoming Salon events

June Lunchtime Write-ins | Mondays, 12-1pm via Zoom
Join us for a quiet hour of communal writing on Mondays this June. Visit the Events page for the Zoom link to join in. 

How to Worldbuild for YA Fiction | 25 June, 5-7pm via Zoom
Join Rachel Faturoti and learn how to worldbuild for YA Fiction. She'll be talking about the approaches to worldbuilding and how the world you create becomes a  backdrop that helps you develop strong characters. Visit the event page in the Salon to register. 

13 Steps to the Perfect Edit | 8 July, 5-7pm via Zoom
Professional, beginning and aspiring writers all struggle with editing their own work. The key is to break it down into steps. Join award-winning author Kirsty Logan to discover the 13 steps you need to edit your writing. Visit the event page in the Salon to register. 

How to Write Engaging Flash Fiction | 15 July, 5-7pm via Zoom
Join Martha Lane for a workshop full of prompts designed to inspire unique and engaging flash fiction. During the session we will delve into some of the key elements of flash, exploring everything from setting to metaphor - and everything in between. Visit the event page in the Salon to register.

The Double Best Method | 19 August, 5-7pm via Zoom
Award-winning author and Mslexia's 2023 Novel Competition judge Sophie Hannah joins us in the Salon for her rescheduled workshop on decision making using her unique Double Best Method. She says, 'Want to stop second-guessing yourself and say goodbye to regret forever? Join me in this session and find out everything you need to know about how to make every choice in the best possible way using the Double Best Method.'

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The Mslexia Salon is a virtual space where you can take part in a writing surgery, quiz a top author or editor, join a discussion about anything from finding a crime agent to staging a poetry event – or browse a treasure trove of jobs, opportunities and ‘how-to’ primers and workshops, from formatting a play script to writing a synopsis.


This is where our Salon events take place, including writing surgeries and workshops, Q&As with authors and publishing professionals, coffee mornings, writathons – and our famous Agent Extravaganzas.


Up-to-date info on writing jobs, grants and submissions call-outs, pitching suggestions and agents’ wishlists.

Meeting Rooms

Seek out like minded Salon members, share work, create groups and partnerships, compare submission journeys and more


The Library is where you’ll find ‘how-to’ guidance on line-editing, pitch letters, performance technique, copyright, manuscript layout and more. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Message the Librarian and she’ll search the archive for you.


A private area where you can upload or change your photo or avatar, update your profile and monitor your posts, bookmarks and messages. This is also where you’ll find our Feedback and Conduct guides to help you make the most of your visit.