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Mslexia Magazine - Issue 87

Mslexia Magazine - Issue 87

In this issue

  • Politics and creativity
  • Extreme pitching
  • Playwriting masterclass
  • What works in writing therapy

Featured writers

  • Melissa Benn
  • Isabel Galleymore
  • Sita Brahmachari
  • Leone Ross
  • Sara Collins and Irenosen Okojie
  • Jane Goodall

Debbie Taylor


Melissa Benn • Isabel Galleymore • Sita Brahmachari • Leone Ross, Sara Collins and Irenosen Okojie • Jane Goodall


  • Writing nest
  • Bear necessities
  • Submission stories
  • Blogability
  • What you’re saying
  • #amwriting: Alexis Wolfe on writing while parenting a child with disabilities


  • Leaning to the left: Melissa Benn on political preference and creativity


  • Warm-up
  • Seven plots
  • Poet Laureate
  • In conversation: Leone Ross, Sara Collins and Irenosen Okojie talk about writing and racism
  • Grow your own poem with Kate Clanchy
  • The story of your life with Catherine Cho
  • Poetry challenge, selected by Linda France
  • S is for…
  • Flash Challenge with Meg Pokrass


  • Sita Brahmachari talks to Katy Guest

Reading for writers

  • Breaking the mould with Yvonne Battle-Felton
  • Books about writing
  • The Knowledge: Historical fiction with Danuta Kean
  • What’s new in poetry by Stephanie Sy-Quia
  • Indie in the news: V. Press
  • What’s new in short stories by Alice Slater
  • Indie in the news: Myriad Editions


  • Isabel Galleymore presents her selection of short stories and poems on the theme of ‘wildlife’

Creativity & Wellbeing

  • Brain gym with Lucy Corkhill; Abiola Bello’s Achilles’ heel
  • Crafting a cure with Victoria Field
  • Writing prescriptions: What works best for different conditions, by Kate Thompson
  • It works for me: Elly Griffiths
  • Blockbuster
  • Lapidoptera, interview with therapist Clare Scott


  • What’s new on Twitter with Bethany Rutter
  • Pitching up: Rae Ritchie on pitching every day for a month
  • Proud to place with agent Nelle Andrew
  • My portfolio career
  • Self-publish your own non-fiction by Debbie Young
  • Noticeboard


  • Open for submissions
  • Insight: Caledonia Novel Awards
  • Insight: Grants and Awards: Authors Emergency Fund
  • Three of a kind: food magazines
  • Insight: Juliet Pickering’s manuscript wishlist

Off the page

  • The world’s wife
  • Eyeverse
  • Playmaking with Margaret Wilkinson
  • Creative infection: how haikus went viral, by Lucy English
  • Bedtime story
  • Breaking the Mould with Cecilia Knapp
  • Mslexia Moths with Molly Naylor


  • Events and courses
  • Getting a Gig: Unlatched Podcast

And finally

  • Jane Goodall’s bedtime reading
  • Submitting and subscribing to Mslexia
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