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Mslexia Magazine - Issue 81

Mslexia Magazine - Issue 81

Agenda: Adding a new word to the language: on the twentieth anniversary of Mslexia’s launch, Debbie Taylor takes a walk down memory lane.

PLUS: Historical crime • Winning short stories • Why women lack confidence • Making time to write.

V E Schwab • Fiona Mozley • Annie Georgie • K J Orr • Susan Calman • Susie Orbach


  • Adding a new word to the language: Debbie Taylor takes a walk down memory lane
  • How dare you? Susie Orbach explains
  • 2018 Poetry Pamphlet Competition winner


  • What you’re saying about… writing goals, attitudes to indies, and grammar gripes
  • Humblebrags
  • Your life sentences
  • For the love of it: fan site blogging with Glenda Young
  • Sarah Gonnet’s view of reviewing
  • Noticeboard


  • Our judging panel debates the winners of our Short Story Competition
  • Meg Pokrass on the winners of our Flash Fiction Competition


  • Creativity news
  • Writing exercises
  • What works for Lisa Appignanesi
  • Poetry challenge: elegy, selected by Linda France
  • Confidence trick: Angela Readman on doubting her success as a writer
  • Fiona Mozley’s Achilles’ heel
  • Flash challenge: Sarah Nash
  • First page surgery with Angela Clarke


  • V E Schwab talks to Laura Steven


  • Script news
  • Play list with Annie George
  • Podding along: narrative non-fiction podcasts with Alice Slater
  • Songbirds: pitch with Susie McComb
  • Monologue: ‘Backbone’ by K J Orr


  • Publishing news
  • Crystal ball
  • The steeper climb: Kerry Hudson on being given a fair reading
  • Pitch surgery with Charlotte Robertson
  • Pitch calendar
  • Self-help book test drive with Meg Clothier
  • The tests of time: Aki Schilz asks how women fit writing into their busy lives


  • Open for submissions
  • Insight: pitch prospects
  • Three of a kind: landscapes
  • Insight: script submissions to the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting
  • Open for entries: competitions and awards
  • Insight: agent Jo Unwin’s manuscript wishlist
  • Insight: That’s What She Said
  • Insight: Bristol Short Story Prize
  • Time away: writing holidays


  • Début author interview: Nicole Flattery
  • Poet laureate by Miranda Day
  • Six best novels by South Asian writers
  • Poetry news
  • Poetry review by Sandeep Parmar
  • Non-fiction: essay anthologies with Caroline Sanderson
  • M is for…
  • Fiction issues: historical thrillers by Anna Mazzola
  • Short story news
  • Short story review by Alice Slater
  • Short story heroes: Daisy Johnson
  • Books about writing
  • I confess


  • Events and courses


  • Susan Calman’s bedtime reading
  • What we’re up to
  • Submitting and subscribing to Mslexia

Debbie Taylor

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