Issue 73 (Mar/Apr/May 2017)

Issue 73 is the perfect thing to bring your writing to bloom along with the daffodils.

We asked for poems and stories on the theme of ‘Guilty’, and by golly you delivered, showering judge Sophie Hannah with blood, anguish, comeuppance and absolution. Whatever your poison, there’s a piece here for you. Check out ‘submissions’ for information on our next Showcase themes – now with space for the scriptwriters among you.

Elsewhere in the magazine, reality checks abound – from Melissa Benn’s Agenda piece on the tricky issue of writers ‘retiring’, to Lucy Corkhill on how to accept your limits and stop perfectionism from hampering your creativity, to Polly Allen’s advice on how to minimise social media usage without jeopardising your online community.

Feeling more ambitious than administrative? Stretch your skills with our new series on musical theatre; read Insights into multiple submission opportunities – including our new Manuscript Wishlist and Pitch Prospects interviews; a feature on writing complex female characters; a peek into the world of new Poetry Review editor Emily Berry; and much much more.

We’re also proud to announce the winner of the Mslexia Children’s Novel competition. Reckon you could be next year’s champ? Lucky you: the next Women’s Novel Competition is open for entries, as are the Poetry and Pamphlet competitions. And if long-form prose or poetic inclinations aren’t your thing, there’s still time to enter the Short Fiction short story and flash fiction competitions.


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