Issue 72 (Dec/Jan/Feb 2016/17)

Issue 72 is about honest appraisals – of ourselves, our writing and our goals. Editor Debbie Taylor takes a look at Mslexia’s sense of purpose in the Agenda. Is a women’s writing magazine still necessary? Has the publishing industry achieved equality across genders? Meanwhile, Gillian Bridge assesses the impact of introspective poetry on mental health and Nina Grunfeld helps you discover your writing USP. Would you rather help other people express themselves? Check out Emily Wiseman’s feature on her work with people with autism. On a lighter note, Rebecca Smith investigates whether Jane Austen’s work could be considered chick lit – it’s all about POV.

Danuta Kean interviews Meg Rosoff. Emma Donoghue and Kit de Waal share what does and doesn’t work for them, Suzanne Barton spills the beans on her illustrated works. Laura Steven explores the world of teen thrillers, and Mariella Frostrup shares her bedside table.

Of course, there are pages of new creative writing. Wray Delaney (aka Sally Gardner) introduces stories and poetry on the theme of Secret Fantasy. (Be warned: some of this writing is so steamy the pages curl.) Other slots include searing and heartbreaking creative non-fiction, poetry challenges, and flash crime to make you shudder.

For practical advice, take a peek at agent Jo Unwin’s pitch surgery and Jill Dawson’s first page surgery. As always, your community forum offers tips on how to support your fellow writers, and a place to share your opinions. There are also pages and pages of opportunities and special ‘insights’ into the minds behind the mags, the competitions, the grants and the theatres.


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