Issue 65 (Mar/Apr/May 2015)


Kill or cure: Cath Nichols explains how we could tackle disability in our writing, and why we should

Big question: What do women (writers) want? Results of our survey into what would help you be more creative, productive and successful in your writing

Sally Green talks to Lucy Coats

Poetry as exorcism: How Pascale Petit used writing to empathise with her abusive mother
Voices in your head: Jennifer Hodgson on research into how authors experience the voices of their fictional characters
Get the habit: Bec Evans explains how to build a regular writing practice

12 pages of competitions, calls for submissions, grants, courses, events, contacts, venues.


New writing
Penelope Shuttle introduces her selection of poems and short stories submitted on the theme of ‘earth songs’

Publishing trends
Books to look out for: Danuta Kean on high-concept novels
Don’t miss nonfiction: selected by Caroline Sanderson;
How to write a bestseller: The Miniaturist
Literary agent interview, Lizzy Kremer

Author insights
Poetry up close: Carolyn Jess-Cooke appreciates a poem by Pippa Little
It works for me: advice from poet Mimi Khalvati

Guides and masterclasses
Scriptory: Lucy Scher’s new screenwriting series opens with… opening images
Short story heroes: Linda Anderson analyses the work of noted exponents
Hacking it: Chloe Corkhill on writing reviews
Synopsis boot camp: Too many characters


What went horribly wrong
for Dorothy Koomson

Bedside table
The table, the costume, the method, the books of Maxine Peake

Book reviews
Poetry, short story, nonfiction, independent press

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