Issue 62 (Jun/Jul/Aug 2014)


The ‘other’ short story: magazine stories are light, bright and surprisingly lucrative. So don’t be sniffy, says Janey Fraser

Big question: How do you deal with writer’s block?

Penny Vincenzi talks to Janey Fraser

Precious stones: life coach Nina Grunfeld on how to make the time you need
When life sends you lemons: Beverly Davies speaks to authors who managed to turn bitterness into inspiration
Cures for a saggy middle: Halfway through your novel the plot is flagging. Jennifer Snow explains how to tighten things up

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New writing
Jane Rogers introduces the winners and finalists in our Women’s Short Story Competition 2014

Publishing trends
What’s new in fiction about isolation by Katy Guest
Books to look out for by Danuta Kean
How to write a bestseller, by Debbie Taylor
Literary agent interview: Carrie Kania

Author insights
Making a poem: Fiona Benson talks to Fiona Sampson
It works for me: advice from novelist Trishia Ashley

Guides and masterclasses
Short story masterclass, by Margaret Wilkinson
Digidoings: multiple personalities by Katy Evans-Bush
Synopsis Surgery, by Kathryn Price
True crime, by Caroline Sanderson


What went horribly wrong
For Joanna Trollope

Bedside table
Mary King’s bedtime reading

Book reviews
Poetry, short story, nonfiction choice, reading group, independent press

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