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Poetry Challenge: (subscribers only)
Poems on any topic, but must adhere to the specular (reverse poem) form. Invented by Julia Copus, and also known as ‘mirror poetry’, specular poems are those in which the lines in the second half of a poem are exactly the same as those in the first half, but in the reverse order. So the first line is also the last line, the second is also the second-to-last line, and so on. The punctuation may be varied in order for the structure to make sense.

Read-aloud story rhymes
Many picture books for children have, at their heart, a story narrated in the form of a short rhyming text. Send us your rhyming texts of up to 200 words that tell a story to read aloud to a small child.

And also…

Petits fours competition
Four lines that don’t have to rhyme, based on a topic set in the monthly Mslexia subscriber newsletter little ms (subscribe here).

Twice a year you can also send us your themed writing for the Showcase section of the magazine. The submission window is opening soon: see Themed Writing for more info.

Don’t forget to look out for our annual Women’s Writing Competitions.

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The December magazine (Issue 76) deadline is 9 October 2017. Click here for the full guidelines and rates of pay.

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