Between Mslexia, Little Ms and Max, we aim to inspire and support Mslexics in their writing journeys. And there’s nothing we love more than hearing about how an article, workshop, interview or online forum conversation has resulted in success for you. So, did a specific Max Monday event result in finding an agent? Did a poem started in one of our workshops or through one of our writing exercises get placed in a competition? Did an article or interview in the magazine spur you into approaching that publisher? Let us know how Mslexia helped you via and share your success! And in the meantime, scroll down to read some of the wonderful achievements we’ve heard about.




Bottled Goods has been longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2019! Congratulations, Sophie! – Team M

I wanted to ‘drop by’, and give you and the entire Mslexia team a huge basket full of ‘thank you’s for all the Mslexia Max events — the best thing that ever happened to me as a writer.
Not only did my novel pitch profit a lot from the thoughtful feedback you gave me during the ‘pitch surgeries,’ but one of the Max events changed my writers’ life.
It was during one of the Industry Experts Q&A sessions of Max’s first birthday party, on 2nd October 2017, that I met Louise Boland, the founder of Fairlight Books. I wouldn’t have even thought of submitting my novella-in-flash to them, but during the event, my attention was drawn to the fact that they were actively seeking novellas. I summoned all my courage and submitted my novella after the event.

I just wanted to tell you that, sometimes, [Mslexia Max events] are the magic ingredient that makes a success story come to life.

And guess what? I still find it hard to believe it, but they actually accepted my manuscript for publication, and my first BOOK will be published with them in July. Working with them has been a blessing, and a joy, and there isn’t a day when I don’t feel fortunate for meeting Louise during that Q&A session. The team at Fairlight Books is so motivated, and highly professional, and they treated my manuscript with so much love and enthusiasm, that I can’t help but feel immensely grateful to Mslexia for bringing us together. They still make me cry with joy when they tell me what they have in store for my book.
So, THANK YOU again. You gave me a chance I would have never had — I would have never thought of submitting to them, if it weren’t for the Max event. The Mslexia Max events are a wonderful thing, bringing the industry experts and writers together, and I just wanted to tell you that, sometimes, they’re the magic ingredient that makes a success story come to life.


I just wanted to let you know that the story I worked on with Lily (NB: Lily Dunn ran a Mslexia Online Writing Group on Max) has won 3rd prize in a writing competition. This is a first for me, and I feel that being part of this trial group was very much part of its success.
Interestingly, following the competition submission, I went onto change the story quite a lot under Lily’s guidance, so it was quite unexpected to hear that I had been placed. Here is a link to the story (which I have since edited for the anthology).


Could I also take the opportunity to thank Mslexia very much for the opportunity to be part of the online tutorial group. Zoe Gilbert’s feedback was invaluable and I am still in touch with my group buddies by email where we encourage each other and offer feedback on each other’s work. I have had four short stories accepted for publication since the group began so you can see how helpful it has been for me. Please do pass my thanks on to all involved.


I wanted to let you know that the short story I worked on in my group has been selected as a finalist in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award, so will be published in the print anthology in December. I’m so thrilled, and have messaged my tutor to let her know. Thanks to the team.


I was part of Bethan Roberts writing group. The story she commented on has just been shortlisted for the HWA Dorothy Dunnett Short Story Prize – and I also heard last week that I am in the final three for the Norwich Olga Sinclair Prize! Thank you Bethan and thank you Mslexia.



I have been a subscriber to Mslexia for more years than I can remember and was always inspired by your themed short story competitions which resulted in me writing several pieces which, although they weren’t quite right for Mslexia, went on to find homes in other journals and anthologies or to be commended in competitions. Now, ten years after I began my writing journey I have the confidence to call myself a writer. When people ask what I do that’s what I proudly tell them, due in part to the confidence gained through reading Mslexia and growing my craft based on the wisdom of its feature articles.

April 2019 sees the publication of my third novel, White Leaves of Peace.

April 2019 sees the publication of my third novel, White Leaves of Peace. The novel is the concluding part of my Celtic Colours trilogy (Green Dawn at St Enda’s and Herself Alone in Orange Rain) and without Mslexia I doubt I would have had the stamina to see the trilogy through so many thanks.
Following the completion of the trilogy my publisher, Cinnamon Press, have committed to releasing three more novels by me (Rock God Complex – due out in autumn 2020) and two yet to be written! So to all those writers out there yet to get their novels published I would just like to say: keep writing, keeping dreaming and keep reading Mslexia.


I have been reading your wonderful magazine for over twelve years now and I wanted to share the story of publishing my first novel, Of Murder, Muses and Me in many ways thanks to Mslexia.
Back in 2005 I read your article ‘Three Cures for Mslexia’ and it fascinated me so much it actually became the basis for my PhD thesis on the writing process (from production to reception) for women. Of course, studying the added obstacles for many women also encouraged and strengthened me in the mythical battle of filling blank pages with stories myself. And when (as a working mum) many years later, I finished my first novel, I decided I needed a bit of editorial guidance. This I received it from an editorial service suggested by your magazine.

really, both on a psychological and practical level, Mslexia made all the difference for me.

After I put in the recommended changes, the novel was soon picked up by the brilliant independent publisher Jacaranda. So really, both on a psychological and practical level, Mslexia made all the difference for me. Thank you so much for helping me and so many other women make their writing dreams come true.


I was one of your first subscribers to the magazine and over the years have had a little bit of success with my writing. Then for a long time I didn’t and I no longer renewed my subscription. And then, I subscribed again because I was determined to become the writer I knew I could be.
Finally, it’s happened and I’ve landed a three-novel deal with Headline after a few publishers went head to head over my début novel Belle of the Back Streets, which will be out in November 2018.