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Fishing in the Dodecaneseby RACHEL SPENCEMid-afternoon, sea like blue oil, land cancelled, memorycancelled. All that remainsare our hands, your walnutknuckles, my fingers smaller, more supple.Between us, tangle.The line coiled badlyand too long neglected, each knot clenchedtight and dampwith seawater, still,after months. You’re passing meone end, and I am wrigglingmy nail under one taut,unyielding crest of thread.To feel it loosenis to die a little.RACHEL SPENCE is a freelance arts writer primarily for the Financial Times. She is inspired by other people’s writing and art; a recent poem in the Indian Literary Quarterly appears alongside photographs by Dayanita Singh. Her pamphlet Furies is published by Templar Poetry.Deerfallby RASHA ABDULHADIIn the fall, it is slaughter on the roads in these sweet suburbs – the warm bodies of deer give their lives in crime scenesin the turn lanes, at the crossroads. Always they are does. Today I drive to see my mother, my body relievedof any child to make me motheror send me farther. My own mother found mea stowaway when she shipped ill to the hospital and was toldto let go. All the children we long for whodo not cross the threshold of life: we call them in rituals of love,we summon them and give them names, and we are surprisedwhen they arrive. Your mother told me she was advisedto end her pregnancy, but she wanted you, believed she should have you.Hearing her, i want to die where i sit and take with me into the darkevery lie i’ve ever told to look better in the eyes of others,every slow inattention that stands as infidelity to thosewho asked for my help and found my silence. I wish I could givethe wordless confession of death in exchange for what should be – children born against advice to homes not forked by death, tawny limbs not bound by roads and walls,to a mothering bind not tied across firing linesand forgiveness that I would not trade her warm body for mineRASHA ABDULHADI is a bookstore manager in Maryland, US. Previous jobs include urban farmer and teacher. Of Scots-Irish Cherokee Palestinian heritage, her publications include poems in Mizna (2015, 2017), and an essay in Arab American Aesthetics Anthology (Routledge, 2017).showcasemslexia Mar/Apr/May 2017 31PHOTO: F.JIMINEZ MECA / SHUTTERSTOCK

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