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Short story: Pieces of Mars have fallen to Earth

This poignant story by Cherise Saywell, rendered yet more relevant by the recent Mars Rover landing, won our 2015 Short Story Competition, judged by Alison McCleod. It was subsequently broadcast on BBC Radio Four, read by Juliet Stevenson. Scroll down to find out from Cherise how the story came about
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Agent insight: Stevie Finegan of Zeno Agency

This article is from the regular ‘Manuscript Wishlist’ series in the magazine, in which we interview literary agents who are looking for new voices. The interviews are gathered together in the Library at the Mslexia Salon
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Poetry: What is a prose poem?

The winner of our 2020 Poetry Competition was a prose poem. Our competition judge Karen McCarthy Woolf discusses where the prose poem lies on the spectrum of poetry and prose
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