How many texts can I submit?
You may submit up to four poems, two short stories, and two scripts.

What do I have to include in the online message box?
Whatever you’d like! Most people take the opportunity to pop in the titles of the entries they are submitting, or tell us a little bit about themselves, but it’s entirely up to you.

The online upload isn’t working, what do I do?
Simply send your submission(s), along with a coversheet, as attachments to

What file format can I send?
Permitted file types are: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .pages.
Maximum allowed file size is 1Mb.
NOTE: Please DO NOT lock your file for editing. We need to be able to add your unique ID number to your submission. Locking the file for editing prevents this important anonymising process.

Will I receive a confirmation once I have uploaded my submission via the upload form?
Yes, you will receive an on-screen ‘thank you’ confirmation once you have submitted your online form.

What do I do if I’m unsure my submission has arrived safely?
Please don’t send us another identical entry ‘just in case’. If you think something has gone wrong with the upload or your email hasn’t reached us, please just email us at and we’ll check for you.

I’ve submitted online, do I need a cover sheet?
As long as you’ve filled out the information required in the upload form, you don’t need to also include a coversheet, but you can if you’d like to.

I’ve forgotten to include my cover sheet, what do I do?
As long as you’ve filled out the information required in the upload form, you don’t need to worry as we have everything we need. Therefore please don’t resend your coversheet or email it as an attachment.

I’m submitting by post, do I need a coversheet?
Yes. We’ll need your information to process your submission. If you’ve posted your submission and have forgotten to include your coversheet in the envelope, just email us at

Can I submit by post?
Yes, please send your submission to:

Themed Writing Competition
Mslexia Publications Ltd.
PO Box 656
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE99 1PZ



I live outside the UK – can I enter?
Yes. We accept submissions from entrants anywhere in the world.

My submission has been published, can I still submit it?
No. We only print unpublished work.

How do you define ‘published’?
We define published as an editorial decision that someone else has made to include your work in a publication – i.e. it has been chosen from a selection to be published.

My submission has been published in another country, is it eligible to submit?
No, if your work has been published in another country, it is not eligible.

My submission has appeared on my personal blog/social media page, is it eligible to submit?
As long as you don’t have thousands of followers, it’s fine to send us your work.

My entry has received prize/payment in a writing competition, can I submit it?

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
Yes. But if your entry is accepted for publication and/or shortlisted in a competition where the prize includes publication, you must withdraw your entry.

Do I have to subscribe to Mslexia to enter?
For our Themed Writing submissions, you don’t have to subscribe to Mslexia to send work.

I’m a man, can I submit?
Unfortunately we do not accept submissions from men. Mslexia was founded to provide a platform for women writers. If you’d like to read more about our reasoning, please read the two articles here.



How should I format my submission?
Double-spaced, single-sided, font size 12 in a commonly used font, such as Cambria, Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial. Legibility is the important thing.

Should my pages be numbered?
It is helpful to add page numbers if you are submitting a paper submission by post. For online entries, it is not necessary.

Should my title appear on my work?
Yes, please.

What should my upload file be titled?
Anything you’d like, but most people use the title of the creative work being entered.

Can I put my name on my submission?
Absolutely not. Submissions are read anonymously, so please make sure your name does NOT appear anywhere on it.

I accidentally left my name on my submission, what do I do?
Don’t panic! Our submissions manager will remove your name and ensure your submission is anonymised for the guest judge. Please DON’T send us an amended submission. But if you are concerned, just email us at to let us know.

I’ve noticed a glaring error in my submission after I’ve uploaded it, what do I do?
Please contact

I’ve uploaded the wrong file, what do I do?
Please contact



What time is the deadline?
Clothes: 23.59 GMT, 11 March
Journey: 23.59 GMT, 10 June
If you live outside of the UK, please make sure your entry reaches us based on GMT.


After the deadline

Will I be notified of the outcome of my submission?
Yes. Everyone who provided us with an email address will be sent an email notifying them of the outcome of their submission.

When will I hear about the outcome of my submission?
Clothes: mid-May 2019.
Journey: mid-August 2019.

Will I retain the copyright for my work?
Copyright of any entry remains with the author, but Mslexia has the unrestricted right to publish the winning entries in its magazine, on its website, and in any related material for PR purposes. If you publish your entry elsewhere we’d ask that you acknowledge Mslexia.

When will the chosen submissions be published?
Clothes: June 2019 edition of Mslexia.
Journey: September 2019 edition of Mslexia.