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showcaseThe hangmanby JULIE LUMSDENThe one before Ruth Ellis, I hanged her also. I made this point to the reportersafter the event. No one remembersor was interested in Mrs Christofi, hangedeight months earlier for butchering her daughter-in-law.No one wept or chanted through the night for Mrs Christofi, or broke through a police cordonto bang on the great wooden double doors, begging her to pray with them.Of course there wasn’t much passion in that one, a lot of brutality, but not what you might callpassion. Let’s put it this way, she wasn’t the sort of womanmen apologise to with red carnations. She was older, not much of a looker.JULIE LUMSDEN has worked at many jobs, including as a life model and as a drama teacher in private schools. She earned her Equity card by playing Dick Whittington’s cat and annually lectures in poetry at Nottingham University. Her latest pamphlet is True Crime (Shoestring).This is just to sayby BERNIE CRAWFORDafter William Carlos WilliamsI have dumpedthe empty tuna can that I foundin the sinkand whichyou have probably forgottenlike todayforgottenon this kitchen counterForgive mefor thinking monstrous murderous thoughts about youThey were delicious so sweetand so coldBERNIE CRAWFORD lives in Galway and has two grown- up daughters. Having worked in southern Africa with an Aid programme, and as a science teacher, she now co- edits poetry magazine Skylight 47. Her work has appeared in many poetry magazines and been placed in several competitions. She won The Dead Good Poetry Competition in 2013, and stays motivated to write by reading and attending a weekly poetry workshop.28 Mar/Apr/May 2017 mslexia

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