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‘Mslexia’ means women’s writing (ms = woman, lexia = words). Mslexia’s purpose is to provide information, guidance and inspiration for published and unpublished women writers, and to help improve the quality and standing of women’s writing in all literary spheres. Through its magazine, e-books, diary, competitions, events, website and wider online presence, Mslexia aims to be a platform and a playground for its readers.
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a meal can be an act of love
and sensual pleasure – or an
act of hatred and grudging resentment. It can also be source of intense anxiety. Can I a ord it? Will there be enough? Will they like it? Will it be on time? Deadline: 4 June 2018
NEW WOMEN’S FICTION COMPETITIONS Stand by for an announcement about the launch of a major new series of  ction competitions for women writers with additional categories and an increased prize pot. Whatever length of story you write, there is bound to be a category that suits you.
Closing date: 1 October 2018
FLASH GENRE A narrative nugget, up to 300 words, of fantasy, romance, sci-  or crime. Remember that it must tell a complete story.
POETRY CHALLENGE Poems on any topic, but must adhere to the ballad form.
PETITS FOURS Poems of just four lines on a topic of our choosing
– see Little Ms for the current theme. Rhyme or don’t rhyme as you see  t.
FLASH FICTION Up to 100 words inspired by a picture prompt in
Little Ms. Again, remember that it must tell a complete story.
CONFESSION 300-word memoir piece about something of which you were (or are) ashamed.
I IS FOR... A piece of creative non- ction inspired by a single alphabet prompt (e.g. H is for Hawk). Up to 300 words.
FIRST PAGE SURGERY Submit the  rst page of your novel (up to 300 words), for industry expert feedback in the magazine.
Rhyming texts, up to 200 words, that tell a story to read aloud to a small child.
HINDSIGHT Up to 150 words of advice you’d give your younger self, based on your experience of writing and creativity.
PITCH PERFECT Pitch of up to 100 words for a project you’re planning to submit to an agent, editor or producer, for industry expert feedback in the magazine. Don’t forget to include the title.
LIFE SENTENCE Up to 25 words on a recent happening in your writing life.
Deadline for inclusion in Issue 77: 8 January 2018
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Mslexia welcomes submissions from women for almost every part of the magazine.
For the full contributor’s guidelines, deadlines, fees and writing prompts, visit or phone 0191 204 8860. You can submit online, via email, or by post to PO Box 656, Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 1PZ. We pay for everything we publish, apart from uncommissioned items
in the Forum section of the magazine. And even if it’s just a short piece of writing, you can still put it on your CV!
Stories up to 2,200 words, scripts up to 1,000 words (including stage directions) and poems up to 40 lines.
ISSUE 78: WEATHER Climate can be a source of environmental impact or emotional metaphor. Are you threatened by (or longing for) drought or downpour? Is your relationship tropical, stormy or frosty? Write about either or (ideally) both. Deadline: 5 March 2018
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