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Palm-Sized Prompts (online, free) Submit via email: Visual Verse (online, free) Submit via online form Spontaneity (online, free) Submit via email:
should be previously unpublished and no simultaneous submissions please. Tears in the Fence, Portman Lodge, Durweston, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 0QA.
Planet is an established publication that covers the arts, culture and politics in Wales and beyond, which welcomes submissions of short fiction of 1,500-2,500 words and between four to six poems. Payment; £45 per 1,000 words of prose, £30 per poem. Payment
for work published in their online offshoot Planet Extra is £25 for pieces between 600-1,000 words. Proposals for articles and reviews are also welcome. Postal and emailed entries are considered. Editor, Planet, PO Box 44, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion SY23 3ZZ. 01970 611 255.
Peepal Tree Press are open
to submissions to ‘Inscribe’, a successful writer development programme aimed at writers of African and Asian decent, to advance their creative work and their careers. It supports writers through coaching, mentoring, workshops, residentials, training, newsletters, publications and general advice.
58 Jun/Jul/Aug 2017 mslexia
Sometimes I  nd myself stuck for story ideas, or I stall halfway through a story or poem and don’t know what’s needed to urge it on to the end. At times like these,
it helps to look for other sources of inspiration. Sometimes that comes as a result of going for a walk or via a conversation with
a friend, but equally often it’s more ‘directed’ help in the form of a writing prompt, whether based in a word or image. All three of the publications here use prompts, in slightly di erent ways.  ey are also all online publications, which is the most a ordable for journals that rely on photography and art, and easily accessible to the writers hoping to contribute.
Palm-Sized Prompts provides
a monthly prompt in di erent media (image, word and thought exercises all feature) on its
Bitch is on the lookout for
writing that can be described as
a feminist response to popular culture. Accepts critiques, essays and articles of 2,000-4,000 words; pieces of 1,000-1,500 words on film, TV, language and activism; and fun, short pieces that still carry the heft of feminist critique in an accessible format. Online pitches are accepted on a rolling basis.
Streetcake Magazine seeks innovative, visual and experimental writing. Send two to five poems, or short fiction of around 2,500 words (excerpt or short story). It’s recommended that submitters read a copy of the magazine before sending their writing, to make sure that it fits the tone.
Paragraph Planet is a website that publishes daily flash fictions
of exactly 75 words, including the title. Seeks new submissions of
any kind, be it twisty flash fiction, a brief moment captured in words or a captivating extract from a novel.
Litro is open for submissions
for their print magazine. They accept original short fiction, flash
‘prompt’ page. It asks writers
to submit up to 500 words of  ash  ction.  e editors make an e ort to be part of the wider online creative community – for example, encouraging writers to use as prompts the entries
to ‘Inktober’, during which artists create an ink drawing per day throughout October
and post their work on the
web. It welcomes writers new
to  ash, and all submissions
are published to be read as a monthly ‘issue’ on the site at the end of the month. Recently the ezine has announced a short print anthology containing favourite  ash submissions.
Visual Verse provides an image prompt – either art or photography from an artist the editors admire – and requests 50- to 500-word submissions.  e image appears on the website as the  rst page of a ‘book’-style page template, alongside work from featured writers. But there’s a catch: would-be contributors must complete their o erings in under one hour. It’s an honour- based system of course, but
fiction, non-fiction (memoir, literary journalism, travel narratives) and original artwork, all based on the designated monthly theme, and around 4,000 words. Check the website for upcoming themes. Litro Online is also open for submissions of completed pieces or pitches,
in any style or genre (although poetry submissions are currently not accepted).
POETRY is the Poetry Foundation’s magazine, and accepts submissions of up to four unpublished poems covering up to ten pages total, on any theme, in any style. See the website for submissions details.
Bust is a US women’s magazine with attitude that welcomes submissions with a strong story to tell. Accepts submissions in these categories: Broadcast (250-350 words); Real
Life (cooking, cars, career, health etc., 250-350 words); Around the World in 80 Girls (1,000-1,500 words); Features (up to 2,500 words) are accepted following a successful pitch; Sex Files (250-350 words); Looks (250-350 words); One-Handed Read (approximately 900 words).
Geist is a magazine of ideas and culture produced in Canada. Publishes poetry, fiction, non- fiction, photography and artwork.
we hope people stick to it.  e editors assess the submissions as they come in and within a week of submitting, successful work is posted on the site and promoted via Twitter. Visual Verse also has
a contributors’ page, with links to each writer’s contributions
in one place (complete with relevant images).  is makes it easy to share your collected work (or the work of others).
Spontaneity have addressed the age-old problem of ensuring that writers read their publication by using work in previous issues
of the magazine as prompts, building a ‘chain reaction’ of creativity. Writers are invited to submit art, poetry, stories (up
to 2,500 words) and even music. Each published piece links back to the item that inspired it, and though the ezine is divided into issues, it is extremely easy as a reader to fall down an intriguing rabbit hole.  e result is a colourful scattergun array of
art and text in di erent styles o ering endless prompts and inspiration. ■
If submitting from outside Canada, work should have an explicit Canadian connection. Only postal entries. Editorial Board, Geist, #210-111 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC, Canada V6B 1H4.
The Good Ear Review is a dramatist’s literary journal that seeks submissions of monologues that convey a sense of character, place and circumstance whether
it be through comedy, drama
or the complexities in between. Submit: up to three monologues, of between 600-1,000 words. Familiarise yourself with work already published on the site to get a sense of monologue layout and work selected.
Earth Books is on the lookout for good popular writing: the new, non-generic, ambitious and risky, books that cross boundaries. See the website for submission details.
Pindrop Press continues to publish the most exciting contemporary poetry in the UK and beyond and are now open for submissions
of full-length poetry collections. Poets with a full manuscript of at least 60 pages are invited to send a sample of ten poems initially for

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