Issue 70

Jun/Jul/Aug 2016

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Agenda: Who killed The Alarmist? Debbie Taylor on life (and death) in the world of litmags

PLUS: Writing while undergoing chemotherapy • ‘Women don’t sell movies’ – challenging Tinseltown • Teaching writing in prisons

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Debbie Taylor

Paula Hawkins • Carolyn Forche • Michele Roberts • Charlotte Mendelson • Helen Lederer • Shamim Sarif


Who killed The Alarmist? Debbie Taylor on life (and death) in the world of litmags

What you’re saying about… sugar, academia, and influences
What happened when you tried a ‘digital detox’
Life sentences
Spread the love
Tribal loyalty
Get creative with Tumblr

Michèle Roberts introduces the winners and finalists in our Women’s Short Story Competition 2016

Creativity news; writing exercises
What works for Charlotte Mendelson
My chemo brain: Susmita Bhattacharya on keeping writing while undergoing chemotherapy
YA: Laura Steven on fantasy world-building
Carolyn Forché’s Achilles’ heel
Flash genre: Susan James
Poetry challenge: sestina, introduced by Linda France
Rhyme story: Philomela by Adele Fraser
Picture this: Sarah McIntyre
First page surgery with Jill Dawson

Paula Hawkins talks to Debbie Taylor

Publishing news
Advice to my younger self
Self-help test drive
Make an impression: use your own name
Submission bootcamp: building a support team
‘Women don’t sell movies’: Shamim Sarif takes on Tinseltown
Pitch surgery with Jenny Brown; Pitch calendar
Madame Lexi’s crystal ball
Self-publishing survivors: Kate Evans
House to house: Veronika Robinson on her DIY book tour

Doors open
Open for submissions
Insight: pitch prospects
Three of a kind: online poetry mags
Insight: script workshops with The Script Readers
Open for entries: competitions and awards
Insight: Royal Literary Fund fellowships
Insight: Impress Prize for New Writers
Time away: writing holidays

Out now
Debut author interview: Karen Lee Street talks to Danuta Kean
Six best books about health
Books about writing
Fiction issues: historical settings by Rachel Hore
Short story news; Review by Alice Slater
Short story heroes: Elizabeth McCracken
Script news; I confess
New non-fiction: popular history with Caroline Sanderson;
B is for…
Poetry news; Review by Alex Pryce

Don’t miss
Events and courses
Insight: getting a gig at the Old Low Light Heritage Centre
Writing in the world: Prisons, with Mim Skinner
Insight: a Francesca Beard performance

And finally
Helen Lederer’s bedtime reading
What we’re doing
Submitting and subscribing to Mslexia