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Already a Mslexia subscriber? Upgrade to the new Mslexia Max membership for just £1 extra a month. Your favourite magazine will still be delivered to your doorstep every quarter – but between issues, you can get your Mslexia fix through our dynamic community forum. In addition there’s the chance to take part in Q&As with industry experts, exclusive offers and competitions, heaps of handy writing resources, a wealth of bonus content, access to digital editions of big Mslexia, virtual writing groups and much more.

Your subscription to Mslexia Max will automatically renew every year, on the date you placed your order. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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NOTE: If you do not have a Mslexia shop account, please create one when given the option, as this process creates your log-in details. 

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Mslexia Max is an ideal place to get to know your Mslexia community, get titbits and insider info on the magazine, and build a writing support network for yourself. It’s also heaving with exciting content such as:

► Discounts and special offers on books, tickets, memberships and other goodies, plus mega-buck competitions with ginormous prizes

► Live surgeries and events with agents, editors and tutors

► Red-button content that extends the magazine beyond its pages, with creativity prompts, workshops, reading recommendations

► And even more need-to-know resources and listings