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This compact nine-part course will take you through each stage in the process of completing that novel you have always wanted to write. Devised by pioneering creative writing tutor Jenny Newman, this Mslexia Mini guide breaks down the daunting undertaking of writing a book into manageable bite-sized chunks, and provides a brisk insight into contemporary British literature along the way. The nine-part course can be adapted to your own schedule. Stretch it over nine months and complete a first draft in the time it takes to gestate a baby – or use it to guide an intensive writing binge such as National Novel Writing Month in November.

Tutorials include: Beginnings, Character, Plot, Point of View, Description and Dialogue, Pacing, Rewriting, Writers’ Block, and Editing and Submitting your Manuscript. Each tutorial comes complete with a reading list and writing exercises.

Use A Novel in Nine Steps to help you turn all those ideas that are buzzing around in your mind into a satisfying sheaf of neatly typed pages ready to send to a literary agent.

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