A Novel in Nine Steps


A Novel in Nine Steps takes you systematically through the entire novel writing process. Starting with the early sifting of ideas, helping you decide what exactly your book will be about, it goes on to help you create engaging characters, to devise a plot and narrative voice that will keep your reader turning the pages, to work on description and dialogue (and the balance between them), on to editing your work: page by page, but also from a structural perspective. There’s even a section on dealing with stagnation, disillusion and blocks along the way – and preparing your manuscript for submission. Each ‘step’ or tutorial comes complete with a reading list and writing exercises. If you are just starting, follow each in step in turn. If you are already immersed, you can use each section as a stand-alone tutorial to inform your work in progress.
Available for just £3 as a handy e-book or illustrated PDF.