Your weekend ticket entitles you to two focussed one-to-one consultations with our guest agents and book doctors. These are held during special ‘surgery hours’ between talks and workshops – so there’s no need to interrupt your schedule. All of our experts are highly knowledgeable and experienced, but we recommend booking early if there is someone you are especially keen to talk to.

You can select your two chosen consultations when booking your ticket, and we’ll confirm the time of your 10-minute slot/s before arrival.

To make the best use of your time with your chosen experts, please submit the following texts before Monday 15 June to and we will forward them to your chosen expert/s:

  • writing extract of no more than 1,000 words
  • 100-word summary of the work in question
  • 100 words about yourself

If you are seeking a career or funding consultation, you may decide to omit the writing extract and 100-word project summary, but it will be easier for our experts to guide you if they have a clear idea of the writing you do.


You can find out which experts are available in our programme.


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