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Weekend registration opens at 1pm for those who have booked for the Friday mini-courses – and will stay open all afternoon for early arrivals who want time to unpack and settle in before our evening icebreaker events. The Mslexia team will be on hand at all times to show you around.

Our three special mini-courses are designed for people who want to explore making bigger changes in their lives in order to prioritise their creativity. When you book on your choice of three mini courses, an additional £50 fee will be added to your ticket price. 

MINI-COURSE: Procrastination and time management (2pm – 5pm)

Nina Grunfeld

We’re privileged to offer this intensive three-hour workshop devised by the acclaimed author of the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Get a Life’ column and founder of the life-coaching organisation Life Clubs. Nina’s ‘Precious stones’ feature in Issue 62 of Mslexia prompted one of our biggest ever postbags of appreciative letters. 

Are you a slave to procrastination? Do you understand what factors are causing your blocks and preventing you from working as productively as you’d like? Are you aware of the distractions and trivial activities that prevent you from achieving what you really want to achieve? 

Nina’s workshop will help you identify the issues that are consuming your time and teach you how to combat them. She’ll explain the three main types of procrastination, and guide you towards an understanding of why you’re procrastinating – and how to stop.

We are all motivated differently, she says. So if we want to increase our productivity, we need to discover what motivates us. Some thrive on competition; others need gentler nurturing. This workshop will help you create your unique motivational toolkit, a toolkit that will surprise and delight you. 

(Additional fee: £50)

MINI-COURSE: Find creative fulfilment with ikigai (3pm – 6pm)

Linda Strachan

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates roughly as ‘the thing that you live for’ or ‘the reason you wake up in the morning’. In this three-hour workshop, ikigai practitioner Linda Strachan (who is also a prolific children’s author and industry expert) will help you understand how your writing compliments or conflicts with the rest of your life – and how to bring them into harmony with one another.

Using guided discussion and practical exercises she’ll help you gain an insight into why you write, how your creative work fits into the rest of your life and how you quantify success. 

The purpose of the workshop is to explore to what extent the kind of writing you’re doing is bringing you fulfilment – and if not, why not? Would scriptwriting be a better fit for your inner values than biography? Might you find a deeper contentment in writing a novel instead of a memoir? Whether you’re an aspiring writer or already well established, Linda Strachan will guide you towards discovering your ikigai.

Exploring your inner ikigai will help you redefine your personal goals – including your writing goals – and understand why they are important to you. It will also give you the confidence that what you are striving for reflects your deepest values – regardless of what other people are achieving. 

(Additional fee: £50)

MINI-COURSE: Resilient Thinking For Writers (3pm – 6pm)

Isabel Costello and Voula Tsoflias

Learning to cope with inevitable setbacks – such as rejection, criticism and blocks – is an essential part of any writer’s life, yet it gets little attention on creative writing courses. Influential Literary Sofa blogger and novelist Isabel Costello has teamed up with corporate psychologist and novelist Voula Tsoflias, to devise this unique three-hour workshop, which adapts psychological principles to the particular challenges all writers face.

In this energising and interactive workshop, Isabel and Voula will combine presentation, discussion and written exercises in order to help you develop a bespoke set of skills to cope with setbacks; stay motivated to progress towards your goals; and protect and nurture your love of writing

As the core of the workshop they will introduce you to ‘resilient thinking’: skills that help you recognise and adapt unhelpful beliefs and thought patterns that are often triggered by setbacks, to enable you to recover more quickly and continue to move forward. Their approach is honest and realistic, positive and practical. They will be sharing strategies that have been tried and tested – and have made a real difference – in their own lives as writers.

(Additional fee: £50)

MEET UP: Open-mic performance salon (8pm – late)

All welcome

Try out your performance skills with professional equipment for a supportive drop-in audience of fellow writers – or choose a quiet time and practise your patter and reading with just a full-length mirror for company.

(No booking necessary)

MEET UP: Guess the genre (8.30pm – 9.30pm)

With Jo Unwin, Charlotte Robertson, Julia Churchill, Zoë King, Elise Dillsworth, Clare Alexander, Emma Paterson & Laura Williams

Not sure which genre your writing falls under? Or perhaps you cross more than one genre. Our ‘Guess the genre’ icebreaker will help you decide, while introducing you to some of our guest agents, to fellow writers grappling with similar challenges – and to the wonderful rooms and event spaces of Devonshire Hall.
(No booking necessary)


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