Welcome to Max, Mslexia’s home online and a members-only area to share your work, connect with other Mslexics, and receive expert advice. Below is some more information and some frequently asked questions to help you navigate the site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop an email to our Max Moderator, Beth, via max@mslexia.co.uk.

What is Mslexia Max?
Max is Mslexia’s online members-only area. It is only available to Mslexia subscribers who have upgraded to a Max subscription. If you are a current subscriber wanting to upgrade, or not yet a subscriber, you can find out more about our plans here.

Can I buy access to Mslexia Max without a print subscription?
No. Mslexia Max is only available as an add-on to magazine subscribers.

What can I expect to find here?
Max is full of helpful forums where you can browse information, find like-minded writers, and share tips and tricks on topics from self-publishing to writing the perfect protagonist. At least once per month, we host a guest expert – either a successful author or literary agent to answer your questions and feedback on your works-in-progress.

What is a Max event?
Max events are held at least once a month, and are an opportunity for Max subscribers to have direct contact with either an accomplished author or literary agent, and receive feedback on their work. They are always online, and open to all subscribers.

What can I submit to a Max event?
Each Max event is tailored to the specialties of guest expert, and as such the submission parameters will shift with each event. For instance, if the guest expert is a children’s author, we might ask for the first lines or first paragraphs of your children’s fiction project. If the guest is a literary agent with a particular interest in publishing sci-fi, we might ask for your sci-fi project pitches. Please make sure to read the pinned post at the top of the forum for guidelines and submission information about each particular event.

How do I access a Max event?
Start by going to mslexia.co.uk/members-area/. You will be prompted to enter your login information, and once you have done so you will be taken to the Mslexia Max homepage. In the sidebar at the top left of the page there is a link to Forums. You can either click this, and scroll through the topic headings and subfolders to find previous events, or if you are trying to access an event which is currently happening or recently closed, you can simply scroll down the homepage to the ‘Latest Posts’ sidebar. Click the topic you’re after, and scroll to the bottom of that to post your submission. You can either copy and paste the submission into the text box provided, or upload a separate document as an attachment.

When can I expect my feedback?
Your feedback is delivered within 24 hours of the forum closing.

Where can I access my feedback?
Max forums work a little like Facebook posts: the Max Moderator will open the event with a post detailing what to submit and how, and you post your submission underneath. Your feedback will be published as a reply to your original comment, and you can simply log in to access this.

My feedback is late/missing, what should I do?
We aim to deliver feedback within 24 hours of the forum ending, however, if due to unforeseen circumstances your feedback is taking slightly longer, you can email max@mslexia.co.uk to enquire.

None of the events have been relevant to my interests. What should I do?
We aim to cover a broad range of topics, and work hard to bring as many exciting events to you as we possibly can. If, however, you feel that your area(s) of interest are not being covered, please do reach out to the Moderator via. max@mslexia.co.uk; we welcome any and all suggestions!