Yvonne Reddick - Women's Pamphlet Competition 2016 winner

Yvonne Reddick Translating Mountains from the Gaelic

I was on a writing course in rural Shropshire when Debbie Taylor rang to tell me that I’d won. There was hardly any phone signal indoors, so I dashed outside to make sure that I’d heard properly and wasn’t imagining it! I was so surprised that I was speechless at first, and utterly thrilled once the news had sunk in.

Winning has given me confidence in my ability to shape a larger and more ambitious body of work than I’d attempted before. The pamphlet I submitted contains a sequence of elegies that were riskier than anything I’d published in the past, and I’m glad that the gamble paid off. I am really grateful to Amy Wack at Seren for this wonderful opportunity, and to Mslexia for supporting me and so many other women writers.

YVONNE REDDICK is a Research Fellow at the University of Central Lancashire. Her research interests are environmental writing, ecocriticism and ecopoetics. In addition to academic papers, she has published two pamphlets: LandForms (Seapressed), Deer Hart (Knives Forks and Spoons). 

What did the judge say?

This manuscript kept rising to the top for three reasons: its gorgeous thorny texture, with many words derived from Scots dialect and a colourful vernacular; its immersion in the art/sport of mountain-climbing; and a subtext that deals in a profound and original fashion with grief for the death of a beloved father.

Amy Wack, Poetry Editor, Seren Books


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