Jane Lovell - Mslexia/PBS Women's Pamphlet Competition 2018 winner

Jane Lovell, This Tilting Earth

‘I really wasn’t expecting to win this one! I have several pamphlets lurking on my MacBook but something made me send This Tilting Earth, with its lost species, spirits, bones and relics, to the Mslexia competition. It was a long shot. I sent it and forgot about it. Then, out of the blue there was a missed call on my mobile, a text to call Debbie from Mslexia. That phone call… I think ‘blown away’ would be an understatement!

Much of the work that I’ve had published in journals and anthologies, although often immersed in the natural world, has been from a personal perspective. This selection is particularly important to me because it tells stories for those without a voice. Our abuse of wildlife is something I feel passionately about and this collection has some of my favourite poems from the last few years. I’m very grateful to award-winning photographer Britta Jaschinski, co-founder of Photographers against Wildlife Crime, for kindly providing the cover image.

Winning such a high-profile competition is a dream. And to be published by Seren, after having spent a good deal of my life in Wales, makes it even more special.’

JANE LOVELL lives in Kent. She spends up to 35 hours a week writing. She runs a fortnightly Stanza poetry group and 2018 was her most successful year ever as a writer, when she won five poetry competitions and had three pamphlets accepted for publication. 


What did the judge say?

The winning pamphlet in this competition, This Tilting Earth by Jane Lovell, sifted to the top by virtue of its multiple enchantments. It beguiles from its opening poem about the fossil of a horse, and horses are the totem image of the booklet, which delves into many themes, all suffused with an awareness of climate change, of the precarious present linked to the earth’s vast past. Haunting and memorable, its concerns are both urgent and universal. It is also a thing of exceptional beauty.

Amy Wack, Poetry Editor, Seren Books


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'Loving the little ms. Great creative pick-me-up between issues, packed with inspiration'
Rebecca Jones