I think you can probably forget creative output in your early days of maternity leave. However experienced you are with babies, each one presents its own new challenges, so your household will be turned upside down, you’ll grapple with feedingRead More 

Julia Darling was an award-winning North East novelist, poet and dramatist. Since May 2015, a number of events have taken place to commemorate the tenth anniversary of her death. Our friends at New Writing North have made the Kindle versionRead More 

I’ve come to the end of my series on anxiety with Mslexia. Before I round things up, I want to thank the magazine’s lovely staff for having me, and you lovely readers for sharing and commenting. I hope it’s beenRead More 

When I’m anxious, three things happen: My mind feels cloudy. My stomach starts twisting. I stop sleeping. I’ve talked about #1 a lot in previous posts, and I briefly described #2 in at the very beginning. I’ve yet to findRead More