I’m coming towards the end of my posts on being creative whilst having children and in this post I wanted to acknowledge and spread the word about various organisations and creative opportunities that support artists during their parenting years. TooRead More 

Did you know that members of AA run camp-outs? Picnics? Non-alcoholic boat parties and all-night raves? Did you know, in other words, that recovery could be fun? I can’t remember reading many recovery narratives in which fun was the focus,Read More 

How do we write about trauma? I’ve just finished reading Lucky, a memoir about a violent rape by Alice Sebold.  I’ve never used the word ‘harrowing’ before but maybe this is the time for that word. ‘Acutely distressing’ it certainlyRead More 

You hear these things all the time, don’t you? Before the age of 25, the liver heals itself. Before the age 0f 5 you can recover from almost any emotional trauma. If you give up smoking before you’re 30, youRead More