I think you can probably forget creative output in your early days of maternity leave. However experienced you are with babies, each one presents its own new challenges, so your household will be turned upside down, you’ll grapple with feedingRead More 

When I’m anxious, three things happen: My mind feels cloudy. My stomach starts twisting. I stop sleeping. I’ve talked about #1 a lot in previous posts, and I briefly described #2 in at the very beginning. I’ve yet to findRead More 

So far on the Mslexia blog I’ve been writing about the problems and opportunities of living with a partner who has gender dysphoria, and how it’s started me off on a journey of thinking about what it means to beRead More 

Of course, while this whole saga of ‘my husband wanting to be a woman’ has been going on, I have inevitably begun to question my own gender. I mean, wouldn’t it be just dandy if I could reciprocate; if IRead More 

Howdy! Usually the Mslexia offices are streaming with sunshine, but the unruly nature of Newcastle weather means that this paradigm has shifted in recent weeks. Autumn is the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness, not to mention incessant rain.

Following Rachel Holmes’ example, we’ve decided to compile a list of inspiring books of feminist fiction. If you’d like to take part, just comment nominating your favourite title and author and tell us why in fewer than 10 words. (LaterRead More 

Welcome to the latest Writing Motherhood blog! What follows is a range of amazing poetry, creative non-fiction, artwork by artist Leanne Pearce and a guest blog post by Rebecca Stonehill. First, let me introduce you to award-winning singer-songwriters Edie Carey andRead More