It’s the time of year again when I look back on what I’ve read over the last twelve months, and feel inadequate for the amount of books I’ve managed this time around. A few years ago, my father-in-law and IRead More 

  What is a zine, you might ask? Did someone just drop the ‘maga’ because they were feeling lazy? Zines are generally a small-circulation publication, often produced by photocopier. They are popular in subculture communities, covering anything from political topicsRead More 

  Most of my free time recently has been swallowed up by the zine I’m currently putting together. I edit an online flash fiction community, Palm-Sized Press, under my alter-ego (ahem, pseudonym) E.M. Killaley. After nearly three years of runningRead More 

Every now and then the water in our competition manager’s bottle starts shaking à la Jurassic Park on her desk. But there is no approaching Tyrannosaurus Rex outside (though we are an office of dino-fans), just two building sites near Mslexia Towers at theRead More