‘Let no-one be surprised at the truth of what we are about to relate.’ In the year 1577, the Reverend Abraham Fleming published his pamphlet, A Straunge and Terrible Wunder, telling of a demonic dog that appeared suddenly in St Mary’sRead More 

Welcome again to my Many-Headed-Hydra-of-Writing-Obstacles -slaying master class. Last time you visited this gloomy lair we learned how to trick our way around that dribbling horror – Time Constraints. Today, we’ll tackle Lack of Self-Belief, or Lacky as I callRead More 

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote that the eponymous central character in the Master of Ballantrae was ‘all I know of the devil.’ People can be monsters, of course. If you carry out a news search on the word ‘monster,’ among theRead More