I recently received comments on my blog asking how the opportunity came about to write for the magazine Your Family Tree.  I replied, detailing how I looked up various writing and submission guidelines and pitched my ideas to them, butRead More 

Every relationship has them, and if you’re writing romantic fiction, plot and structure is completely wrapped up in the relationship between your hero and heroine. The ups and downs of two characters falling in love is at the heart ofRead More 

Today I am going to tell you about an article I had published in the January issue of Your Family Tree magazine. It illustrates the way that I work, showing how one thing leads onto another until enough information is gatheredRead More 

We’ve spent the last three months planning and practicing a dinner for four unknown guests and writing a short story that has swelled to way more than flash fiction proportions. Together we had an idea, brainstormed and arranged the sequenceRead More 

When I tell people I’m writing a novel, that’s the first thing they ask, and it’s not the easiest question to answer. I’m writing a romantic comedy, but that’s more of a statement about genre than anything else. And myRead More 

I’ve been digging around in the roots of my grandmother’s family tree and found some new leads. It always surprises me that however much you think you know about your family, there is always more to find. Annie Cleeve (my paternalRead More 

I’m writing this a few days after the death of Doris Lessing. Social media users are enjoying the constant reposts of her robust response to reporters at her home on the day the news of her Nobel Prize was announced.Read More