With nine months of my ten-month residency at Nursing Studies completed, I feel I‘m just getting to the stage where I know what I want to write about. So I’ve packed up my desk in the shared office with aRead More 

A woman wrote to me enquiring about my Blogging for Beginners Workshop. I’ve always seen blogs as rather facetious… she wrote. Please tell me more… I looked up ‘facetious’ and was given three options:   1. Amusing, Humorous (Not always,Read More 

I’ve been catching up on my Saturday Guardians and have just read the late David Foster Wallace’s piece on the agony and ecstasy of writing. It’s taken the wind out of my sails as this is the subject I plannedRead More 

Hello, my name’s Emily Benet and I’m a social media addict. I’ve now been offline for… Good Morning Twitter! #amwriting my first guest blog for @Mslexia !  Apart from Twitter I’m pretty much offline. And Facebook. Oh and my e-mail.Read More 

I am quite baubled out (see previous blog). In the past month I have sold more than 50 adverts including baubles; I’ve written countless articles, chased countless people, checked countless proofs, countless times… Our December/January joint issue is about toRead More 

Last week I organised a writing workshop for the staff of Nursing Studies in the pathology museum at the Surgeons Hall Museum, Edinburgh. The poet Kathleen Jamie wrote a wonderful essay about this place in her book Findings, an essayRead More 

I’ve been on the road selling Christmas baubles. That is, 2D ones to go in my newspaper’s Christmas edition. I’m having four pages of bauble graphics filled with seasonal greetings from local businesses. That might sound tacky, but because IRead More 

The last two weeks on The Novel have been like munching on rusted bolts. I didn’t feel this would be very inspiring to write about, let alone read. So let me tell you about another of my displacement activities: I’veRead More 

Last week I held a person’s heart in my hands. It was wet and cold with a chemical taint that was probably formaldehyde, but I can only assume. ‘There are enough hearts for everyone’ the anatomy professor declared, and soRead More 

The final episode of The Write Lines is a discussion about the marketing of your books. Producer Ian Skillicorn explains: ‘Whether you are self-publishing or have a traditional book deal, marketing is increasingly a big part of any writer’s workload.Read More