Well hello everyone. I know it’s been a little while since a member of the Mslexia staff posted here – and even longer since I did – so I thought I’d write a little post to say hello, festively. IRead More 

Normal Songbursts operations have been temporarily suspended due to the release of a new album called 50 Words For Snow. This blog was never meant to be a review or opinion piece but I feel compelled to write about theRead More 

You know that feeling of sensing something but not quite being able to put your finger on it? Goldfrapp’s lyrics and music put me in mind of that feeling. I’m referring to a kind of emotional intuition, a strange kindRead More 

When I worked on big glossy magazines there was a clear delineation of roles. Picture editor, in charge of organising shoots and researching images; art director in charge of layouts and overseeing photo shoots; sub-editors in charge of fact-checking andRead More 

Back in 1989 Neneh Cherry was the first woman I had ever heard rapping and her three studio albums – Raw Like Sushi, Homebrew and Man – have been heavily played in my house and headphones over the years. When I was compiling my wishRead More 

This is my final post for the Mslexia blog, and I want to say how overwhelmed I’ve been by the response to my posts, both in the comments to the blog itself and via Twitter, Facebook, my own blog andRead More