It is Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and, best of all, short story day. Another chance to celebrate the brilliant short form fiction. I am not going to wax lyrical for ages about how good short storiesRead More 

So, a few nights ago I donned a frock and went along to the award dinner for the announcement of the third Dylan Thomas Prize, the international award recognises young literary talent and is awarded to a writer under theRead More 

..Winter is here, and therefore Christmas (yikes!) is pretty much imminent. I know it seems early, but with all the snow holding off some postal deliveries, and shops closing early for the staff to get home in time, it reallyRead More 

I am sitting in a lovely warm office witnessing big, fat, falling flakes of snow and wondering where the autumn went (and dreading my cycle home in inappropriate footwear). The weather hasn’t managed to distract me for long, though, becauseRead More 

I’m not sure where time goes. One minute it was midsummer and I was performing in fields in wellies. The next people are asking me what my plans for the festive season are. I don’t plan that far in advance.Read More 

Long-awaited, much-appreciated, slightly-delayed – the diary is here. It’s a relief to finally see them in the flesh! Very pleased with the content provided by Virago, who we have been in collaboration with for this year’s diary. Twelve brilliant piecesRead More